Important gig issues

I will modify your script in PHP for $50

It’s true, I’m offering script modification for $50 if it only takes a one hour. But I am not programming a website like a classified ads for you for only 30 dollars for example. It will cost thousands of dollars to assign me such a project.

I will install an open source solution for you for $25

If you are on a low budget why not try some free webhosting plans like Infinityfree and install open source solutions DIY first. You can contact me anytime. I am installing open source solutions for $25. You need to send me a FTP access. Practice makes perfect. If you are sure enough about your website you can switch to a premium webhosting plan.

I will convert your design in HTML/CSS for you for $25

Only when it takes one hour, that’s my rate, otherwise you must order more gigs. The file format must be PNG or JPEG but not PSD. You can be sure, I’ll make a 1:1 copy of it.

I will create a database for you in MySQL for $25

You have a PhpMyAdmin where die databases are being managed, then my task is to create the database for $25 together with the tables and fields. The given amount is my hourly rate, that’s why you must order more gigs if it will take more time.

I offer JavaScript programming for $50

Do you have problems on your JavaScript Code? Then just contact me. I will try to find the errors for you or enhance your code for $50 an hour. Just send me your code snippet per e-mail in JS format. I will see to it that I get the job done for you.

I will edit your HTML Code for you for $25

You need to make your website responsive, so that it is also mobile friendly. No problem, I can edit and test your HTML/CSS code also PHP script for you for $25 an hour.