How to edit my wordpress theme

In this tutorial, I would like to show you how you can modify the wordpress theme I am delivering which was generated with Artisteer. Read my instructions carefully or find a guide by searching in Google, Bing, Yahoo or whatever search engine you prefer. There are also lots of ebooks about the wordpress theme structure in Amazon. By the way I joined the partner program in Amazon, so you may find some affiliate links about this topic in my blog.

In WordPress, notice that the following php template files are important:

  • index.php – this is the main file or home in your theme folder
  • style.css – this is the main stylesheet
  • page.php – this is the page template which is always static
  • single.php – this is the post template where your blog article is displayed
  • 404.php – error page
  • functions.php – all your functions in one place
  • archive.php – your blog archive template
  • header.php – your meta information in the head area
  • footer.php – your footer area
  • sidebar.php – your sidebar
  • search.php – how your search template look like
  • author.php – how your author template look like
  • screenshot.png – the screenshot of the home page

The theme is delivered in ZIP format. Install the theme first and activate it if needed. Once installed, you can edit the files under Design/Theme-Editor.

Save the changes after you’re done. That’s it! To check if you’re website is responsive, you will have to click on the screensize icons at the left side of the customizer page.

You can have the theme which I generated with Artisteer for free too. Download it here.

The theme ist not finished and it is not responsive. You will have to edit the source code on your own assuring you’re already know how to program in HTML/CSS and PHP for WordPress. Just remember the important files should always be in the template folder.

If you like me to edit your wordpress theme, don’t hesitate to contact me. I can do it for you for €25 an hour.