Checklist on how to be a Trendsetter

Make sharp pictures with a new camera

One of the main goals in creating a gallery is to have sharp pictures. There are a lot of online shops selling cameras with the latest features. Canvas for prices and compare the features first, a cheap camera is not always the best choice. Sharp pictures are also important if you have an ongoing vlog, or you would like to make a tutorial video. You can’t hear your viewers complain about your blurred pictures, but it does hurt the eyes while trying to view it clearly. The smartphone’s camera is only used for selfies by many but not for professional photos.

Use different smartphones as test plattforms

You can also purchase a smartphone just to see and test your website on mobile. This is important if you would like to test your software for Apple, Windows Mobile or Android. Compare the prices along with the features or just read some tech magazines to find the current topseller in the market before buying. If you only have one computer, then you can use a virtual machine software.

Be an active member in social media

Whether in Facebook or Instagram, always have a list of ideas to post in your profile. Make your friends and other readers know what you are doing. In this case, you will have more potential on promoting and winning at the same time. Connect to more business opportunities with Xing and LinkedIn or be inspired by collecting pins on Pinterest.

Have a work life balance

Exercise everyday or schedule your work out and don’t work too much. Don’t be a workaholic but enjoy your life. Have a healthy lifestyle and help others reach their health goals for free. Live a happy life with your family, always find time to gather and celebrate special occasions. You can use tools to manage your schedules to ease your life like Google Calendar.

Be nature friendly

Keep your environment clean and green. Recycle and reuse your things as much as possible. Choose eco friendly products when buying and don’t use a lot of plastic. Don’t buy newspapers, but read them online instead. Be aware of topics like climate changes and green house effects. Be an active member of the community on finding solutions to environmental problems.